Big Tray Dee Presents the Certified Project – Big Tray Deee

Big Tray Dee Presents the Certified Project – Big Tray Deee

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Big Tray Dee Presents the Certified Project – Big Tray Deee

?01. Supreme World Order (intro)
?02. Different (ft. ConiYac, DW Flame & ESCrow)
?03. Outchea (ft. ConiYac, G.I. Joe, Pacman da Gunman & ESCrow)
?04. Uknowdaname (ft. Red G’zus, ConiYac, DW Flame & ESCrow)
?05. Money Dreams (ft. Red G’zus, ConiYac & ESCrow)
?06. Off Top (ft. ConiYac & Escrow)
?07. Fuc Yo’ Feelinz (ft. Erik Lee)
?08. Reign Supreme (ft. Erik Lee & ConiYac)
?09. Stay On (ft. DJ Certified Fresh)
?10. Loc Niggaz (ft. ESCrow)
?11. No Prisoners (Ft. ESCrow & ConiYac)
?12. Cold Winter (ConiYac, Kola)
?13. Bet It All (ft. ESCrow, DW Flame & ConiYac)
?14. Been Down (ft. ESCrow & ConiYac)
?/?15. My Checc 2.1 (ft. O.T. Genasis, DW Flame & Coniyac)
?16. Yes Yes Yes (ft. ConiYac & DW Flame)
?17. 75 Rounds (DW Flame)

I didn’t think it was possible… Ladies and gentlemen… G Funk is back!!! Well, not exactly. These young men have truly reached the old head me with this project by combining modern gangsta rap with gold school g funk, and killing it. If you told me this project was from an all crip Westside Connection-like group I would’ve 100% believed it. The production was flames the lyrics were flames and as an old head Crip I truly truly appreciated every single reference you guys made to the set. only criticism I have is that the songs were incredibly long. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to listen to this project. Added it to my playlist.
8/10 – PTJ Tha Pharaoh Prince

Big Tray Deee Presents the Certified Project by Big Tray Deee

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