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Fearless – Migs718

Fearless – Migs718

Fearless – Migs718

👍 01. Two Doors
💤 02. 12
🚮 03. Tony Montana
🆗 04. Blessing

Project below average autotune singy rap. The quality production wise is there for sure. It’s just the content I’m not on board with. It the same shit I’ve heard 1000x. It’s just unoriginal. Just another “Rapper” trying to ride a wave instead of paving your own.
3/10 – M.

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  • Anastasia

    I’m usually right there with you but you’re way off the mark with this one. I actually seen this dude live and he’s dope. There’s no auto tune as he sounds just like the tracks when he performs and if you listen to what he’s saying like in Blessings he’s talking about shit. He’s got way harder stuff besides this EP and this kids blowing up. Terrible review and misleading.

  • idk live doesnt translate on wax, and honestly if his words werent hitting first listen we not fans enough to give it another, this is just how it hits us first listen. so this review actually isnt misleading its exactly what it is about this project, not from your fan biased eyes or from a doctor’d listen 100% times approach. its first listen, and first impression. its all subjective, youll be aight

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