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OHIo – Malcolm Epps

OHIo – Malcolm Epps

🌊01. Damon Stoudabaker
🌊02. Authefacts
🌊03. Dad Errors
🌊04. Cigarette Noise
🌊05. Ikey Irons
📺06. Yoshimitsu’s House (Interlude)
🌊07. Mo Vaughn Metal
🔥08. Hough HTS
👍🏾09. What I Do Now
👍🏾10. Save
🌊11. Jacuzzi Tandoori Negus

Project slides. Its lofi as fuck.Poetry, bars, raps, over some very beautiful beats with some very low volume mixing. Its a good time, you can bump this if you tryna study, look cool driving, tryna feel or even look woke or deep shit works. He does his thing, and the beats do too, they sync. Pacing is the same across the board, and the subject matter if you are listening listening is relatable but has its bits of flash and slick talk too. All around dope piece of music. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.

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