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4Real 4Real-YG

4Real 4Real-YG

🌊1. Hard Bottoms & White Socks l
👍🏾2. Bottle Service
🆗3. In the Dark
🌊4. Go Loko Feat Tyga & Jon Z
👍🏾5. Stop Snitchin
🆗6. I was on the Block Feat Valee & Boogie
🌊7. Keisha Had a Baby Feat Rose Gold
🌊8. Heart 2 Heart Feat Meek Mill Arin Ray, & Rose Gold
🔥9. Play Too Much Feat Safe
🔥10. Do not Disturb Feat Kamaiyah & G- Easy
👍🏾11. Do yo Dance Feat Kamaiyah, RJ, Mitch & Ty Dolla $ign
🌊12. Her Story Feat Day Sulan
🎙13. My Last Words Nipsey Tribute
🔥14. Stop Snitchin Remix Feat DaBaby

This is a solid Uncle YG album just an album that slaps overall a good time. Beat selection good, production amazing lyrics are there plus I always love YG’s hooks. Overall it’s gonna be in rotation big west coast vibe.
7/10 – Barrett


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