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Unrequited – Shunned

Unrequited – Shunned(tm) Official

🚮 02. Choke
🆗 03. Collars 
🚮 04. Nipple Ring
👍 05. Stiletto Nails
🚮 06. Knee
🆗 07. Numb face
👍 08. Ballgag
🔥 09. Spreader Bar
👎 10. Shibari
👎 11. Whips & Chains 

I didn’t hate the project. All the beats for the most part fucking slap. Quality is there. There are some issues when it came to the mix down vocals wise. He has a unique rap voice. It’s very original. But it’s also a acquired taste. That also goes for the project as a whole. You just need to tone down the whole “I slaughter goats” for fun vibe. Then ill be completely on board.
5.3/10 – M.



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