Acropolisp – Egoed

Acropolisp – Egoed

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]?1. Nice Life
?2. Produce
?️3. Perputal Motion
?4. New Net
?5. How Now
?6. Sight to See
?7. No Chill
?8. Calm
?9. Work
?️10. Strate
?11. Skip
?12. Meaning
?️13. If U Must
?14. Wrapped
?15. Foothilled
?16. Seek
?️17. Never Enough

This project is long ass juice, I couldn’t grasp what was actually happening here. Most of the time I was confused on what he was rapping about, because he was just rapping. No direction, word play sounded so simple as he was just taking what ever word sounded like the first and made it work. “I gave birth so you can walk this Earth, dirt, work all day no play”. Something like that but even that’s better then what was on these tracks. Production is ass people making the grinding beat at lunch on the table sound better than what’s on this shit. 17 songs of sleep aid. The tracks that I did like don’t even have anyone on them.


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