OTO – KOTA The Friend

FOTO – KOTA The Friend

👍🏽01. Full Bloom f. Isa Reyes & Richard Parker
🌊02. Church
👍🏽03. Birdie f. Hello Oshay Hollywood
🚒04. Alkaline
🔥05. Sedona
🌊06. Chicago Diner
🔥07. Bagels f. Lizzy Ashliegh
👍🏽08. Pop’s Interlude
💎09. Solar Return f. Saba
👍🏽10. Melvin’s Interlude
🌊11. Mommy
👍🏽12. Uncle Cal’s Interlude
🔥13. Backyard
🆗14. KOALA
👍🏽15. Grandpa’s Interlude
🌊16. For Colored Boys
🔥17. Good To Be Home
🌊18. FOTO f. Hello Oshay

Album is very very good. very lyrical, and def. something to smoke to. production is near genius and quality sounds like he spent a long time on it. features were okay, but Saba was awesome. kind of dragged on in the end, if shorter then near perfect. KOTA is def. in rotation.
7.5/10 – Trace


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