OTO – KOTA The Friend

FOTO – KOTA The Friend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]??01. Full Bloom f. Isa Reyes & Richard Parker
?02. Church
??03. Birdie f. Hello Oshay Hollywood
?04. Alkaline
?05. Sedona
?06. Chicago Diner
?07. Bagels f. Lizzy Ashliegh
??08. Pop’s Interlude
?09. Solar Return f. Saba
??10. Melvin’s Interlude
?11. Mommy
??12. Uncle Cal’s Interlude
?13. Backyard
?14. KOALA
??15. Grandpa’s Interlude
?16. For Colored Boys
?17. Good To Be Home
?18. FOTO f. Hello Oshay

Album is very very good. very lyrical, and def. something to smoke to. production is near genius and quality sounds like he spent a long time on it. features were okay, but Saba was awesome. kind of dragged on in the end, if shorter then near perfect. KOTA is def. in rotation.
7.5/10 – Trace


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