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KOD – BandGang Lonnie Bands

KOD – BandGang Lonnie Bands

💩01. KOD
💩02. Come Here (ft Drego)
💩03. Shred 1.5 ( ft Shred Gang Mone , Cash Click Boog)
💩04. Like That
💩05. Press Me
💩06. Mines ( ft BandGang Javar , BandGang Paid Will)
😂🆗07. Weird ( Sada Baby, BandGand Masoe, Shred Gang Mone)
💩08. We it
👎09. Moody
😂👎10. 10 Freaky Hoes ( ft BENO)
💤11. Project Gurb ( ft Rob Vicious)
💩12. Spice Up
💩13. Propane
💩14. Embassy ( Shoreline Mafia)
💩15. Danger (ft Stunna Girl)
💩16. Hit Dem Lights
👎17. Ghetto Moshpit
💩18. Mama Told Me
👎19. Heaven For A Thug
💩20. Shred (Shred Gang Mone)
💩21. Detroit To Inglewood ( ft Drego, BandGang Masoe, Ice Burgandy, VVSBeezy, Beno)

Bro off rip I’m going to give you some advice STOP FUCKING BREATHING AND GASPING INTO THE FUCKING MIC NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT SHIT. This whole project smells like a homeless dudes shoes. the only two decent songs are both also garbage but are so ridiculous they made me laugh. Mad features and no one could save this bowl of narcotic laced diarrhea. Save yourself 55 minutes and don’t fucking bother.

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