NINETEEN – Duncmayne

NINETEEN – Duncmayne


NINETEEN – Duncmayne
? 01. Introduction to Nineteen
? 02. It’s Lit (Feat. Teelur Bee)
? 03. Milli Inna Week
? 04. Got My One (Feat. ? OJ $mith)
? 05. Say That (Feat. Teelur Bee)
? 06. Ballin’ So Hard (Feat. V$treet)
? 07. Fiji Water (Feat. Teelur Bee)
? 08. Never Gonna Die
? 09. Snitch (Feat. Bsteph)
? 10. Free Nick
Well you’re now 0/2 with me my son….. I would say I’m disappointed… But I expected this.. Although I will say your quality is .3% better. The same goes for you beat selection. Unfortunately your content is ass. Whom ever attempted to mix this robbed you. You rap like that one kid in every xbox live lobby. You don’t sound comfortable in the slightest. I think it’s time to re consider you techniques my son. Let us guide you in the right path of hip hop..


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