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Love Something EP – Joey Flats

Love Something EP – Joey Flats
Love Something EP – Joey Flats
👍🏾1. Without You
👍🏾2. Step
🌊3. Interlude
👍🏾4. Baby Girl
🌊5. Celebration
🌊6. Outro
Project is a mood. Some songs were thrown off by random appearance of autotune but other than that this project is very fucking solid. Super sad but in a deep thought type of way. Lyrics are heartfelt, ending raps were a nice suprise, the charlie browns xmas interlude beat had to be run back for the culture. its solid. its a complete thought, pacing is nice, its quick and once you find something you can relate to on here it hooks you. Nice listen. In rotation. (track 1 still got that purchase your tracks today tag on it, idk if thats on purpose but its part of the song and when i ran it back i said it)
John D.
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