Off It – Pagne

Off It – Pagne


Off It – Pagne Music
?1. Own
?2. Spam
?3. Drop Off
?4. The Anthem (Get Wild)
?5. Sh!t
?6. Rocketship
?7. Humington Ave
?8. Torn
Off rip, your singing shouldnt have made the cut. Whatever it was done on, it made worse. The raps were stiff and highkey structured for kids 17 and under. The production and the mix are both very clean for sure and thats a good start but everything was just bland, like puree’d new age mush made for the kids who took the pill generation too far and are now vegetables. If you use the canned hair spray to color your Locs in closed rooms with no ventilation, this project is for you. The re used spaceman holding colors art is for you too. Project aint it but that quality could work out in the future.
John D.


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