Pink Heroin 2 – Dope Coley

Pink Heroin 2 – Dope Coley


Pink Heroin 2 – Dope Coley
?01. Dope Hours Skit f. ICY
?02. Ph2 f. Quis
?03. Dope Man f. Banko Dupree
??04. All the Plugs f. Pardison Fontaine
?05. Vent f. Lauren Marie
?06. North Miller Skit f. ICY
?07. My Era
?08. Jive Turkey f. Tony E
?09. White Fur f. Jig Nice, Tony E & Banko Dupree
?10. Need More
?11. Pink Heroin 2 Skit f. ICY
Project is cool, its very new age but you can tell it was thrown together by a group of talented individuals and not people trying to fully ride a wave. The subject matter is new school as well with hints of craft and creativity. Production is nice, the mixes are clean and the pacing aint bad. Had some sleepers towards the end but other than those the project did what it had to do. It ended before it wore out its welcome and the skits kinda helped break it apart. Not a bad listen at all. In roation.
John D.


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