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Port City Hot Boy – Mike’e

Port City Hot Boy – Mike’e
Port City Hot Boy – Mike’e
🚮 01. Intro
🚮 02. On My Shit
🚮 03. Always On Da Go (Feat. Snipe Miles)
👍 05. Word Around Town (Feat. AV-Hot)
👍 06. Feelin Myself (Feat. Snipe Miles)
🆗 07. Going Down 2night (Feat. Coolbreezequis)
👍 08. Bout The Bag (Feat. Lou Thomas)
🆗 09. Smashing
🆗 10. Mobbin In My City
Project Is bellow average west coast bayish music. Production needs some work, the beats are almost piercing at times. The raps are boring and drowned out. There are some moments where I caught myself nodding my head. Just wasn’t enough for it to be put in rotation.
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