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“LIVE! on Air” – Prince Casimiro

“LIVE! on Air” – Prince Casimiro
🎙1. Introduction
🚮2. FriendsNumber9
👎🏾3. 916
🎙4. Interview Interlude
👎🏾5. BoomerangFreestyle
💤6. Serious
🚛7. Annabelle
🎙8. Caller Interlude
💤9. WhatCasiBout
Project is cheeks. Honestly its very uninteresting and boring. Dude has a comfortable voice but literally nothing else. Flow was a mess, bars were weak, substance meh. This is the dark side of putting out a first project, but if this isnt his first one then god bless him. Quality is soundcloud, beats were boring and he was boring. The effort is here i guess and he could be dope if he really shapes his pen but until then this is what he has and its not it. I coulda did without hearing this honestly.
John D.
IG: @Casicruise
Twitter: PrinceCasimiro


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