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“LIVE! on Air” – Prince Casimiro


“LIVE! on Air” – Prince Casimiro
?1. Introduction
?2. FriendsNumber9
??3. 916
?4. Interview Interlude
??5. BoomerangFreestyle
?6. Serious
?7. Annabelle
?8. Caller Interlude
?9. WhatCasiBout
Project is cheeks. Honestly its very uninteresting and boring. Dude has a comfortable voice but literally nothing else. Flow was a mess, bars were weak, substance meh. This is the dark side of putting out a first project, but if this isnt his first one then god bless him. Quality is soundcloud, beats were boring and he was boring. The effort is here i guess and he could be dope if he really shapes his pen but until then this is what he has and its not it. I coulda did without hearing this honestly.
John D.
IG: @Casicruise
Twitter: PrinceCasimiro


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