if you really know me – ja$e fetti

if you really know me – ja$e fetti


if you really know me – ja$e fetti
?01. Cocky
?02. Rap Like Me f. Ying Yang Joe
?03. TRUMP VS LIBTARDS f.Rocko Tesla & Saddoc
?04. Time Zone Freestyle f. Khi Tha Kid
??05. Trust
?06. bad
??07. Capital
??08. People
??09. Lift Me Up
??10. Red And Blue
?12. Ruse’s Song
?13. Young Life
Project is hit or miss. Good thing is this kid can rap, has a cool voice and a message that needs to be heard. The bad side is how he mixes it up, he doesnt change his tone ever and for how slow the beats are it makes it drag, he also goes from something real woke to some new age getting head type shit. The mix effects this too, like this was riddled with dope skits and promise but some of the delivery just didnt hit, or dragged. The very new age tracks didnt hit either becuase it would be over the same type boring beats. First listen I can just hear all the things he could improve off rip and that really takes away from signs of a dope project. One more listen couldve helped it. Till then, project is just ok.
John D.


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