Sombre – UK-Craigie

Sombre – UK-Craigie


Sombre – UK-Craigie
? 01. Sombre
? 02. Changes (Feat. ? Lilly BG)
? 03. 28 Years
? 04. What Do You Have? (This Beat Bangs)
? 05. Nostalgia
? 06. The Yousual (Feat. Obrian)
? 07. Brian
? 08. All They Need To Know (Feat. Crooked T)
? 09. Lily (Feat. ? Glenn Travis)
Project suffers from lack of delivery in all aspects on the artists behalf. All His features for the most part kill it, His Production is fire, It sound clean. He just has no presences. He was definitely out done by everything surrounding this project. You should thank them all individually for blessing you, They saved you from getting sautéed.


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