Thinkin Bigger – NBMEarlie

Thinkin Bigger – NBMEarlie


Thinkin Bigger – NBMEarlie
?1. Intro
?2. For The Love
?3. Perfect
?4. No Time
??5. Lil Baby
?6. Lonely
?7. L.A.M.N
Projects cool, its slides. Hes got a dope voice so he gets away with not having to snap or get too crazy. That being said, to elevate this project he would have to take more risks, it would def be a nice change of pace since hes got the rappity raps down and the new age thing going. This just needed like a banger and even something close to a personal type track (not sad boy personal like real life). Other than that tho its a cool release idk why its not on all streaming but it should be. In rotation.
John D.


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