No Wayy Outt – YSN OG

No Wayy Outt – YSN OG


No Wayy Outt – YSN OG
?01. kickdoor f. Famous Mike & Runoff
?02. One Time f. layy (she can sing a lil but you cant)
?03. Downbad
?04. My Dawg f. Famous Mike & Runoff
??05. hello f. Famous Mike & Runoff
?06. Make It Out f. Famous Mike & Jvoo
?07. MAMA f. Famous Mike, layy, runoff & jvoo
??08. gettin dat money f. Famous Mike & young peso
?09. the rain
?10. mo money f. jroc
If there was a tier between mainstream wave riding trash, and soundcloud wave riding trash, this would be below both of those. The quality isnt great, the substance dont exist, the bars do not exist but singy rap rappyness does exist. I will give credit there was 2 songs where an attempt at substance happened but when you cant rap you also cannot get participation points. Its all weak. Boring, uninspiring, and just screams “PLEASE LET US FAKE OR PAY OUR WAY INTO THE MAINSTREAM” its weak. Up the quality, maybe you will have a chance but till then, this is wack.
John D.


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