Stay In Your Lane Volume 1 – Own Lane Music

Stay In Your Lane Volume 1 – Own Lane Music


Stay In Your Lane Volume 1 – Own Lane Music
?01. The Beginning f. Rapper Big Pooh & M-Dot
?02. This That Work f. Rev
?03. Born To Win f. Mayhem, Alyssa Marie, Rev & Deacon The Villain
?04. The Empathy (Remix) f. M-Dot
?05. Cause & Effect f. Artifacts, ?Big Joke & Rev
?06. Corner Fast f. W.O.K.E
?07. Thin Line f. M-Dot
??08. True To The Core f. Charlie Clips, Mayhem, Benefit & One Mic
?09. My World f. M-Dot
??10. Walk Away f. Meta P, Desco & BugOut
?11. Today (Remix) f. EMS
??12. Paris Gates f. Mayhem
?13. Trix f. EMS
?14. Quality Over Quantity f. DNA, Benefit & Rev
??15. Lit (Remix) f. Chris Rivers, YBSwayze & Co Defendants
?16. CoEfficient f. Kore
?17. Hell In Your Eyes f. Undu Kati
??18. The Spittin’ Dead f. EMS
Project overall is a good time. It takes a very bad dip at the very end but before that nonsense, this was back to back aggressive hip hop. No direction no stories (minus track 13) just straight forward raw raps. Shit banged, voices and cadences clashed, the beats knocked it felt vintage. Pacing worked too, kinda made you not realize this shit is 18 tracks, but once 14 hit it starts feeling too long. The features did they thing but for the most part they werent on the best of the beats but still dope. Overall a good time, def in rotation.
John D.


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