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Mstrglss – bari

Mstrglss – bari
Mstrglss – bari
🌊 01. Ooze
🆗 02. Clarity (This beat is fucking wild)
🌊 03. Rocky
🌊 04. Relax
👍 05. Ice Cup
👎 06. Eya
💤 07. Chubby
👎 08. Luhbish
🆗 09. Mstrclean
💤 10. Caress
💤 11. Fluid
💤 12. Joi
💤 13. Stamina
You had me intrigued, I’m not going to even front. Then I came to the real world and understood what was truly going on here. It’s just a bunch a him sing rapping the same bars over and over again. I will say production was wild and defiantly needs to be herd, But you eventually put me to sleep with the same boring monotone flow over and over again. This isn’t the one chief.
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