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FX2K19: The Filler Arc – Seth Fx

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FX2K19: The Filler Arc – Seth Fx
🚮 01. HeadFirst
🚮 02. 11PM Wondering Why She Left
🚮 03. Cyanide Candy
🆗 04. Don’t Drink & Dream (THIS BEAT 🚒)
👎 05. Yggdrasil (feat. Toby $pades)
🆗 06. Gaston Freestle
👍 07. Flavoured Water ( Feat. Toby $pades & Brillow Brown)
🚮 08. Ugly Winters
👎 09. Stranger
🚛 10. Snakes (Sssssstop it)
👍 11. Captive/ Fuck Seth
Bruh… Why must you do the production like this. All this beat pretty much slide. There clean and quality. While you’re over here rapping like a 7th grader gasping for air after you got caught doing something you weren’t supposed to. Although you had the slight glimpses of hope, the project is a miss chief. Diction will save your life. My words of wisdom.
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