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Set In Stone I EP – Stevie Stone

Set In Stone I EP – Stevie Stone
?1. Howl at the Moon
?2. Drip
?3. Flip Mode f. Tech N9ne
?4. Zonin’
Lil 4 piece is cool. 2 Tracks were very unique bangers then the other 2 were like lets try something out kinda new age but with his own twist lowky misses. The quality is up there the prod is dope too for the most part its just those 2 werent sitting with me. Track 2 woulda been way better if it wasnt allot of repeating. Overall not bad, worth 1 or 2 listens. Not the most substance, but where it lacks with in that it makes up with in bars and Stone just having a dope cadence and voice. Also Tech doing what he does is always a good time. In rotation.
John D.

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