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Harvard Dropout – Lil Pump

Harvard Dropout – Lil Pump
Harvard Dropout – Lil Pump
🆗01. Drop Out
🆗02. Nu Uh
👍03. I Love It (ft Kanye West)
👍04. ION (ft Smokepurpp)
🆗05. Fasho Fasho (ft Offset)
🆗06. Racks on Racks
🆗07. Off White
🆗08. Butterfly Doors
🆗09. Too Much Ice (ft Quavo)
👍10. Multi Millionaire (ft Lil Uzie Vert)
💩11. Vroom Vroom Vroom
👍12. Be Like Me (ft Lil Wayne)
👍13. Stripper Name( ft YG, 2chainz)
👎14. Drug Addicts
🔥15. Esskeetit
💩16. Who Dat
This project was exactly what I expected it to be, whole lotta flexing whole lotta fucking on other people’s bitches skrrt skrrts aplenty that being said I didn’t hate it. Sure there’s not a lot of substance but some of the beats are fun lyrics are easy to remember and recite I’m sure this will hit with a particular crowd I just ain’t part of it.
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