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Slimey Individualz – Berner & Mozzy

Slimey Individualz – Berner & Mozzy
Slimey Individualz – Berner & Mozzy
📺01. Intro
🌊02. Noddin’
👍🏾03. Solitary f. 😴Wiz Khalifa
🌊04. Ayy f. YG & 🥗Logic🥗 (Beat slidesssssssss)
🌊05. Lovin’ Me f. Smiggz
👍🏾06. Thug in Me f. 👎🏾Godholly
👍🏾07. Froze Up f. SOB X RBE
🌊08. Family 1st f. Ampichino
🌊09. Suicide
Project slides. The production is very dope, very smooth, very smoke influencing but this project no shade to Berner is Mozzy’s. He is a fucking problem hes out here snapping. Berner did his thing too but Mozzy is and has been on a different level. The chemistry worked for the most part, some of the features took away from it. Quality is up there. This project hits that middle ground where ages 13-21 you might look cool bumpin but passed that you might give off the energy you live at moms crib or your family always ask when you gonna start dating at get togethers. Its a nice listen solo for sure.
John D.
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