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Tha Cheat Code Reloaded – That Girl Lay Lay

Tha Cheat Code Reloaded – That Girl Lay Lay
Tha Cheat Code Reloaded – That Girl Lay Lay
💩01. Cheat Code
😴02. N.O.
🆗03. Lit f. Lil Duval
👎🏾04. Mama
👍🏾05. 1 2 3
💩06. Nike
👍🏾07. Medicaid Baby
🌊08. Move Like I Move f. Acie High
👍🏾09. Supersize f. Johnny Oz (Hook is stuck in my head)
🚛10. Bully
💩11. Potty Mouth (Cat in the hat bar, Nope…)
👍🏾12. Be The King
👍🏾13. Go Lay Lay Go
Project is honestly upsetting. If she wrote most of her stuff and put all this together, good for her, talent is there for the most part. The subject matter tho is wild uncomfortable. I cant condone selling out your kid to follow a trend that harms the youth just to pop. Its toxic and highkey disgusting. Some of the subject matter just dont sit right and shouldnt be the focus of a non teen. The beats seem like label picked shit, the features probably jumped in because they saw she was on Ellen. Its all honestly rough, some tracks she was using her voice and such and they seem’d like just young fun stuff but other than that this project is a big no. We gotta do better especially with our youths talent.
4/10 but her parents get -10/10 for being scum and sheep.
John D.
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