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Starting 5, Vol. 1 – Mass Appeal

Starting 5, Vol. 1 – Mass Appeal
Starting 5, Vol. 1 – Mass Appeal
🚒1. Apostles f. Fashawn, NAS, & Ezri
🌊2. I Had Enough f. 070 Phi & Stro
😴3. 6 Rings f. Cantrell, Ezri & 070 Phi (hook is ass)
🆗4. Black & Blue f. Ezri
👍🏾5. Utter Disrespect f. Fashawn
👍🏾6. When Morning Comes f. Cantrell, Stro, 070 Phi & Liana Bank$
🌊7. SonShine f. Black Milk, Stro, Cantrell
🌊8. Run It Up f. Fashawn & Cantrell
Project is a nice lil listen. Off rip there is mad talent on here. The beats were all over, some were gas and they had a few that didnt really do it for me. The raps are here and plenty but sometimes it goes down the wave path or some weird autotune lazy sing rap thing that just throws it off. The aggressive stuff too just didnt slap as much as the smooth stuff on here. Everyone brought it tho regardless the clashes of voices and styles is dope when its in full effect. Its a cool listen, but something tells me this was a throwaway type deal. In roation
John D.
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