TheManInTheRadiator – Bones

TheManInTheRadiator – Bones

TheManInTheRadiator – Th@ Kid Bones

????01. TheMomentIMetTrueFear

????????02. WatchingPaintDry

????03. NotOnMyWatch

????04. ThisGameIsRigged

????05. TellMeSomethingIDontKnow (Ft. Andy Hull)

????06. 4×4

????07. BetterSafeThanSorry

????08. Lights (Ft. Luke Pickett)

????09. BluntGutSonata

????10. HowToRobAGrave (Ft. Project Pat)

????11. IAmTheOneHidingUnderYourBed

????12. TomorrowSeemsSoFarAway

????13. RightClickSaveIt

????14. MyHeart,ItHurts (Ft. chsr)

????15. LowerThanLow

????16. TryingToControlTheUncontrollable

????17. NeverWhatYouThink

????????18. WaitAMinuteGuys (Ft. Jerry OLarry)

????19. OhBrother

????20. IRLNightmare

????21. StopDropAndRoll

????22. WorstCaseScenario

????23. LookWhatWeHaveHere

????24. PayItForward

????25. TruthOfTheMatterIs

????26. AccountBalance

????27. PullTheSkyDown

????28. CryingInThumbTacks&SpeakingInTongues

Ok this album is way to long, who the fuck wants to listen at 28 tracks yet alone if majority is trash. His album songs are wild suspect on some stalker shit. I didn’t have a good time with this I had to fight through it I legit took a break half way, never a good sign if you gotta stop play some other music than resume. I legit would’ve rather sat through a Taylor Swift concert with my basic white bitch Ex. He’s trying so hard to show people that he’s hurting but no context really he’s just like life sucks and that’s it. Production is clear but he’s not using words in some songs so I’m like why is the point to have great audio and not say shit.



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