Lighty – Binary Star

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lighty – Binary Star

??1. Bruce Libra f. Ashley Saywut Moyer
??2. Enecsehtnokcabllup
??3. Astrolalology
?4. Low End Theory
??5. Star Burst f. Bre Maa
??6. Shootin’ Stars f. Gwaii
?7. Univsall
??8. Galactica
?9. Black Holes

Project is cool, its very hip hop has elements for days, but this project might have a bit too much so it was hard to focus. I know dude can rap, but its nothing too wild but super clean, production was very smooth and clean but there was just a bunch going on and nothing that really stood out or made me wanna get crazy. Regardless it was still dope there was nothing bad either, might be the mixing might be my ear but tho I enjoyed this, I was needing it to WOW me. Still a dope listen. In rotation.
John D.


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