Baws – New Money Champ B

Baws – New Money Champ B

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Baws – New Money Champ B

?1. Intro
??2. Relate
?3. Baws Talk
?4. Doe
?5. Hollywood
?6. Extraterrestrial
??7. Heartless f. Coldrugz
?8. Hard Times
?9. Free Da Filet
??10. My Dawgs
??11. Extraterrestrial f. LJ & OG

Project is cool, it has a very R&B vibe to it which had me confused for the most part but it was very with the streets and times. New age stuff but with a less turn up approach, more sad trap which I enjoyed. Its almost confusing hes talkin boss talk over some like real dark gloomy trap beats. He had a cool flow, cool melodies and used them effects the right way. Substance is what it is but It didnt take away from it. Dope mood album, something that could fit the background of a BET hood movie features did ok too. New age done right. In rotation.
John D.


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