First Brick – Rasheed Chappell

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?️1. Breaking Ground (Intro)
?2. My Epic (Portraits)
??3. First Brick
??4. Shorty Rock (PT.1)
?5. Aiding & Abetting f. Daniel Son & CRIMEAPPLE
??6. Franchi$e
?7. 101
?8. Banana King on Broadway f. DJ Scratch
??9. Street Corner S**t f. ?O.C.
?10. Kingsmen f. Recognize AliHus Kingpin

Project is dope. Very straight forward hip hop. Nothing crazy, nothing ground breaking just hip hop. Lyrics are here, bars, flows, features, boom bap beats etc. Its very solid. Its here just to be that, like a few shots of liquor, straight to the point and gets the job done. Not enough to black out, or puke, just to get you a nice drunk to cope with shit. In rotation.
John D.



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