Don’t Blink – Chizz Capo

Don’t Blink – Chizz Capo


Don’t Blink – Chizz Capo

??1. Don’t Blink
?2. Lord f. Polo Summers
?3. No Tomorrow
?4. Stuttering
??5. Equal
??6. More Love
?7. My Own
??8. Tequila
?9. Fenty f. Youngin True & Mark V
?10. The Motions f. Bookbag Boonie
?11. It Gets Better f. Ellese Mariah
?12. Panic f. Treva Holmes
?13. Dusse Dreams f. Mark V
?14. Double Down f. Reem Skully & Prince Smooth
?15. Enough


Project is a placebo. quality clean, everything flows, production is regular, sometimes type corny. Outside of that tho this is bottom tier sing rap hood stuff. Its not my go to but I get it. Its easier to not be original. Credit is given where it is due because it is very clean, but other than that this can go in the dvd bin at walmart. I can see it now, videos with guns, jewelry, a yard with mad heads ruining the grass, maybe 1 nice car and invisible guns for those who dont have actual ones. Theres a difference between old hood movies and youtube hood movies.
John D.


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