East Atlanta Love Letter – 6LACK

East Atlanta Love Letter – 6LACK

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?1. Unfair
?2. Loaded Gun
?3. East Atlanta Love Letter f. Future
?4. Let Her Go
?5. Sorry
?6. Pretty Little Fears f. J.Cole
??7. Disconnect
?8. Switch
?9. Thugger’s Interlude
??10. Balenciaga Challenge f. Offset
?11. Scripture
??12. Nonchalant
?13. Seasons f. Khalid
?14. Stan


Project is clean. The quality is up there, the production is up there but other than that what he brings to this vocally is very safe. No risks really. Its not bad but some songs hinder that boring or just ok realm often based off how long he keeps the same things going. Content is simple and in the same feels category but its not bad by all means, its very relatable. I can see what he was going for, this def will translate live too but I cant see myself bumping this again. Its too safe. I know he can get busy on tracks, he showed that on a few of these.
John D.


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