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YBN: The Mixtape – YBN Almighty, Jay YBN Nahmir & YBN Cordae

YBN: The Mixtape – YBN Almighty, Jay YBN Nahmir & YBN Cordae

YBN: The Mixtape – YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Nahmir & YBN Cordae

👎🏾1. Intro
💤2. Porsches In the Rain
😴3. Nah For Real
👍🏾4. Target
🌊5. Man Down f. Chris Brown
👎🏾6. 2 Tone Drip
🚮7. Feel Like
💤8. Cake f. Wiz Khalifa
👍🏾9. Whip It Up
🆗10. Bounce Out With That Remix f. Machine Gun Kelly
😴11. Think Twice f. Lil Skies
💤12. Fresh
🆗13. Double Back f. Cuban Doll & Asian Doll
👍🏾14. Kung Fu
🚛15. Up-Top Baby
👎🏾16. New Drip f. Gucci Mane
🚮17. Make Me Feel
🚛18. No Relations
💩19. Bread Winners
🚮20. Pain Away
🚮21. Chopsticks
🚛22. Rubbin Off the Pain
😴23. Bounce Out With That

Project is 1 hour of complete ass water. I can sum it up in a few lines that they repeat through its entirety. “my drip” “grind like (insert skateboard reference here)” “your bitch”, repeat these lines to yourself completely out of pocket to some clean instrumentals for 1 hour and it might sound better than this project. Breezy the only feature that shined enough to make that song not trash. Everyone else gave them the “we will do this for you guys because you are young” treatment. Project is like jumping into a Fortnite twitch stream by accident with no viewers. Its a bunch of corny kids not about anything they say they are about, playing there homies music from school. Except this project is also that homies music just with a budget. High quality trash.
John D.

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