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Subterranean Sweatpants – Moses Rockwell

Subterranean Sweatpants – Moses Rockwell

Subterranean Sweatpants – Moses Rockwell

🌊1. Valerian Root (Delirium)
🔥2. Hemoglobin Dollar-Bin
🌊3. Pants! f. Gary Lamaar
🔥4. Metadata f. Elsphinx
🎞️5. Interrupt I
🌊6. Good Heavens
🔥7. Aperture f. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing
🔥8. Lucien’s Library
🌊9. Wait!
🌊10. Melancholy Metro
🎞️11. Interrupt II
🔥12. Foie Gras f. Gary Lamaar &
🌊13. Oh Well
🔥14. Daniel f. Dezmatic

Project is fire (and waves). Not one bad song on here. all the production is so smooth, and he is just sliding on everything. Bars, flow, and a cold ass voice. it never gets boring, not one bit. 14 tracks just shy of the 40 min mark, easy to just put the whole project on repeat and vibe. Skateboarders, weirdos, gamers, smokers, backpackers and whoever else people look at funny, rejoice! this project is for us all!
John D.

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