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To Kill For – Bobby Brackins

To Kill For – Bobby Brackins

To kill for – Bobby Brackins

🆗1. Intro (feat. August Grant)
👍2. Whiplash 2.0 ( feat. Marc E. Bassy & P- Lo)
🚮3. Big Film ( feat G. Eazy & Jeremih) 
🚮4. Raw
🆗5. OB ( feat. Marc E. Bassy)
🚮6. Bay Tour (feat. Allblack)
💤7. Night Die young ( feat. Tinashe & Olivia O’Brien)
🚮8. My love ( feat. Marc E. Bassy)
👎9. When we go fuck
🆗10. My bruhs

Project is pretty bad, I’m gonna be that guy and say it. Your voice is wild annoying. It sounds like your shaking your vocal cords as you attempt to sing and you rap over some pretty annoying beats in my opinion. I don’t get the appeal. Btw you wasted so much money on features that did nothing for you.

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