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The Big Chang Theory – Nef The Pharaoh

The Big Chang Theory – Nef The Pharaoh
🔥1. Victim ( ft OMB Peezy)
👍2. Lefty
🔥3. A (ft Jt the 4th)
🆗4. Boostin
🔥5. Big Boss Chang
🆗6. Offerings
👍7. 86 (ft Cuban Doll🚮 & ALLBLACK👍)
🆗8. Huh (ft Yakki)
👍9. Knock Down a Fan
🆗10. What We Have ( ft Dej Loaf)
🌊11. Tokyo Drifting (ft Raymond McMahon)
🔥12. Bsisso
🆗13. Tottally Different
🔥14. That Was God (ft Jay Brown & Lesia Brown)

No offense to Nef but he low-key sounds like a black G-Eazy that raps better I don’t know if it’s the tone of his voice or what, that being said his lyrics differ greatly from G-Sleepy. Some of his features actually brought down some of his scores I won’t say any names but y’all know who. Theres some decent stuff on here but mostly underwhelming this one issa meh.

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