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N.U.M.B (Never. Underestimate. My. Brain) – Lil HotB

N.U.M.B (Never. Underestimate. My. Brain) – Lil HotB

🚮1. Cold Piece
👎🏾2. Remember
🆗3. Basic Bitch f. Roddy Rich
😴4. Me & You
😴5. Pound After Pound
🆗6. F****n Up f. Diamondeye
🚮7. Run It Up f. Diamondeye
👎🏾8. She Say
🌊9. R.I.P f. Skeme
🆗10. Numb

Project made me wild uncomfortable. It felt like I was watching a couple in they honeymoon phase give eskimo kisses in public for 30 minutes. Whole project is soft, and annoying. Production is regular, dude is singing in such a weird tone, (sometimes with autotune) almost as if he hit the studio mad dehydrated on purpose. Project is for cats that defend Drake for not responding to story of Adidon. Ladies if a dude comes to take out and you hear this in his whip, just know you holding doors open for him and pulling his seat out all night. Next….
John D.

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