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Slime Language – Young Thug

Slime Language – Young Thug

Slime Language – Young Thug

🆗1. Tsunami
🔥2. U Ain’t Slime Enough (ft Karlae & Duke)
🔥3. Gain Clout
🌊4. Oh Yeah (ft HiDoraah)
🚮5. Audemar (ft Tracy T)
👍6. Chanel (Go Get It) (ft YSL Gunna & Lil Baby)
🔥7. Dirty Shoes (ft Gunna)
👍8. It’s a Slime ( 😑💤 Lil Uzi Vert)
👍9. Scoliosis (ft Gunna & Duke)
🆗10. Goin Up (ft Lil Keed)
🆗11. January 1st (ft Jacquees & Trapyboy Freddy)
👍12. Chains Choking Me ( ft 💤Gunna💤)
👍13. STS (ft Stick)
🆗14. Expensive (ft HiDoraah & Dolly)
🆗15. Slimed In (ft Nechie)

If you wanna know what it sounds like when someone abuses autotune like a redheaded step child just pick a fucking song. That being said production is flames, I especially appreciate the subtle smattering of guitar licks and different instruments instead of just bass and snares. Project starts off strong although they ruined Audemar with whatever the fuck that sound thug was making. There’s a lot of forgettable tracks on here only one really trash one that could of been saved. Lyrics are nothing impressive per usual but there’s some quotables and pretty catchy meleodies so the Stans will call it a classic.

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