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Consumers Park – Chuck Strangers

Consumers Park – Chuck Strangers

Consumers Park – Chuck Strangers

🌊1. Backwood Falls
🔥2. Thoro Hall f. Kirk Knight
🔥3. Style Wars f. Joey Badass
🔥4. 1010 Wins, Pt. 1 & 2
🚒5. The Evening
🌊6. Syl’s Song
🔥7. Class Pictures
🌊8. Lorimer Street
🌊9. Riis Beach
🔥10. Peaceful f. Issa Gold
🌊11. A Pause for Peace f. Joey Badass
🌊12. Two Pit Bulls
🔥13. No Dice (Bonus Track)
🌊14. Fresh

Project is so dope, from production to raps. Everything flows so smoothly and effortlessly. Features all did they thing, Front to back it is a dope experience, the production is insane. Chuck out here sounding like a young black thought on these tracks. Put this in rotation for sure, it brings back a very old school chill feel but still manages to feel very of age. Heavily in rotation.
John D.

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