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Queen – Nicki Minaj

Queen – Nicki Minaj

Queen – Nicki Minaj

🆗1. Ganja burns
🌊2. Majesty ft Eminem
👍🌊3. Barbie Dreams
🆗4. Rich sex ft Lil Wayne
🆗5. Hard white
🆗6. Bed
👎7. Thought i knew you ft The Weeknd
🆗8. Hide and seek
🌊9. Chun swae
🌊10. Chun-Li
👎11. LLC
👎12. Good Form
👍13. Nip Tuck
😴14. 2 Lit 2 Late interlude
🆗15. Come See About Me
👎😴16. Sir ft Future
👎17. Miami
🆗18. Coco Chanel ft Foxy Brown

Album is boring nothing special typical Nicki, niggas wanna fuck and eat my pussy, bitches aint respecting me and are stealing my flow. The songs sound just like the old shit with a modern twist. I mean its not bad but its nothing that makes me want to even keep it on my play list. I expected more from what she been trying to be the best female rapper. This is not show casing that at all. The production is nice but it has to be, she can afford it. This project is just not sounding right it’s missing something. Even the weekend song doesn’t sound right 😣😣.

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