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Delivery – Zoom & Rectape

Delivery – Zoom & Rectape

Delivery – Zoom & Rectape

🎞️1. Van Driving Jobs (Intro) f. DJ P
🌊2. Smart Dummies f. Masta Ace & DJ Nelson
👍🏾3. Give Me Mine f. Big Shun, Marina P & DJ P
🌊4. Black is the New Black f. Illspokinn
🚒5. Arson f. Shine Sinatra
👍🏾6. Game Change f. Shine Sinatra
🎞️7. Contract Driver (Interlude)
🌊8. Stay Focused f. Edo G & DJ Nelson
🔥9. Tedium f. M-Dot & DJ NELSON
🎞️10. Future Medication (Interlude)
🔥11. Who’s Dizz f. Dizzy SenZe
👍🏾12. Acceptance f. Dominique Larue
🎞️13. L.A. Delivery (Interlude)
👍🏾14. The Park f. Rabbi Darkside
🌊15. Weather f. Kennedy
🎞️16. Unchained (Outro)

Project is smooth as fuck. Every beat on this is fantastic. All smooth, jazzy, nostalgic and clean. All the features did what they had to do, some kinda just rapped a little but nothing to take away from the tracks. It all comes together clean af. For a project with so many acts on it, its very very cohesive not so much story wise but sound wise. Can fit the background of any cool situation and make it cooler. Smoothly in rotation.
John D

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