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Oh-Sama – MKHL

Oh-Sama – MKHL

Oh-Sama – MKHL

🌊1. Snow
👍🏾2. Enormous
🌊3. Kirin
😴4. Flex f. Lil Caillou
💤5. Devilman Lvl. 1
👎🏾6. No Time
😴7. 12 on Me
🆗8. Devilman Lvl. 2 f. JakkuAlfa Blvck
🚮9. Came Through
🚛10. Mdma f. Lil Caillou

Project is a new age fest, it started cool because it had this very dark feel to it, but then it goes into things that rhyme with secure the tag, pop that bill, and every popular curse word that starts with the letter b. substance is no different than someone telling you about the weather outside that you were just in. Raps were wack, he does more singing and it was ok for a fraction of this project. Production started good but then went full wrigleys spearmint gum. Overall project is good if you are friends with whoever is involved. If not, then it is not good. Im sleep.
John D.

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