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🆗1. 10 times
🌊2. Bulletproof
🌊3. Handgun ft ASAP Rocky
👍4. Suu Whoop
👍5. Cant Get Into Kanada
👎6. Too Cocky
🌊7. Big Bank ft 2 ChainzBIG SEANNicki Minaj
👎8. Power ft Ty Dolla $ign
😴9. Slay ft Quavo
🌊10. 666 ft NBA YoungBoy
😴11. Too Brazy ft Mozzy
👎12. Pussy Money Fame
🆗13. Deeper Than Rap
🎬14. Free The Homies interlude
🌊15. Bompton Finest

Album has that straight west cold feel of course its YG, but sometimes it just gets boring on some of the tracks. Production is very simple and doesn’t really change. Very simple tracks on the album and the tracks are either ok or just sleeping, Nothing really stands out, each song kind of sounds alike. It’s a safe YG project that let’s ppl see what he can do but it’s not his best. The album is not bad but it could of been better.

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