Rawyal Flush – Crown Jewelz

Rawyal Flush – Crown Jewelz


Rawyal Flush – Crown Jewelz
?️1. Five Pillars With Red Pill
??2. Seal of Approval f. Chilli Chill
??3. Full Deck f. Mr Mischief
?4. Prop The Bar Up f. Gnosis
?5. Throw Down
??6. Couple Jars f. Gnosis
??7. Loyalty is Royalty
?8. Walk Tall f. Greddy Butch
??9. Hands Down
?10. No Hesitation
??11. They Know
?12. Fk A Wac Rapper f. Fya Da Flame
??13. Traits Of the Envious f. Mr Mischief
?14. I’m ILL Wid It
?15. The World’s Listenin f. Fya Da Flame
??16. Runs In The Family f. Five Steez
?17. I Get it in f. Fya Da Flame
??18. Slippin
??19. Its Katastrophik f. Five Steez
?20. Can You Remember f. Mr Kaos
??21. Gotta Get
?22. Paragraph Ambassadors
??23. Tearz f. Fya Da Flame
?24. Im Like Dat f. Dirtiloon
?25. Tha Livest f. Ads
??26. Slippin Remix
?27. Scratchmatix Remix f. DJ Pressure

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Project is too much. Too many songs, too many raps, too many members, too much confusion. The goods are, these dudes can rap, its very clear. They have clashing cadences and personalities which is cool, the production is dope, boom bap all over, but the song lengths and repetition takes away from what couldve been fires allot. Making the tracks just good but a bit forgettable. It starts to get to you after a bit. Overall project is very old school, very boom bap, hardcore rap but the good kind not the rarr rarr murderous, cerberus, heard of us, type rap. It just loses points with length all around. Still not a bad release tho, so ima put some of it in rotation. Just lost mad points for putting too much in it.
John D.

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