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Step 1 in Becoming The Devil – Shunned

Step 1 in Becoming The Devil – Shunned

Step 1 in Becoming The Devil – Shunned

👎1. Chop em up
🚮2. Point Blank
🚮3. Blood on the Wall
💩4. I Dont Wanna Die!
👎5. You All Will Die!
👎6. Blvck Magic
👎7. I killed Em’
👎8. Extended Clips (Extended)
👎9. I Had To
(Flaming trash)10. Single File Line
👎11. Head Chop Hunter
💩12. A.K. Killer
🚮13. Mind of a Psycho
👎14. Samael Lilith
👎15. LaVey
👎16. I.W.K.Y.

Shunned is the poor man’s Rob Zombie. His music is about as generic as you can get when it comes to I guess you could call this “horrocore” idk man for a self proclaimed straight edge rapper from Wisconsin I guess this is exactly what I’d expect. He’s just croaking into the mic for over a hour about killing people and worshipping Satan definitely the kind of music pasty basement dwelling soy boys listen to. Id rather pass a kidney stone the size of a fucking baseball then sit through this shit again. And who acts like they have the moral high ground over pot heads while rapping about murder fantasy smh hypocrite. Oh nd production value is ok but his voice distracts from it.

(Bonus) most notable trash bar: “blowing up a church when I am mad, straight edge bitch fuck your dabs”
-8 Satan’s/10

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