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Higher. – Remy Banks

Higher. – Remy Banks
Higher. – Remy Banks
🌊1. inhale
🔥2. Let me know
💤3. The function f. Worlds fair & DRAM
🔥4. Higher f. Erick ARC Elliott) *the use of instruments*
🌊5. Things I do. (getting his sing on too)
🔥6. N1go
🔥7. 7th heaven (interlude)
🚒8. Rem. f. Nasty Nigel *timberland music*
💤9. A New York love pt. 3
👍10. Feast f. Hak
🌊11. Exhale

Project is a great time, besides those two naps you decide to take during the project. But man was the production smooth. Raps were solid. Features did what they needed (besides dram idk what the hell was going on) Some nice punchlines and my manz can sing. definitely something I’ll be bumping for a bit.

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