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God Level – 03 Greedo

God Level – 03 Greedo

God Level – 03 Greedo

🆗1. Blower (ft AD)
👎2. Finally
🚮3. Fall Off
💩4. Basehead
🆗5. Prayer for My Lost
💤6. Buckhead (ft Key!, Lil Quill, Man Man Savage, Runway Richie & Young Mal)
🌊7. In My Feelings
👎8. Praying to God
🚮9.Bacc to Jail
🆗10. Gun Bucc
👍11. Floating
🆗12. Dibiase
🔥13. Conscience
🆗😂14. Fortnite (Remix) (ft Rich the Kid)
🆗15. Static
👎16. Street Life
Meh 17. 100 100 100
👍18. Good Grape
💤😴19. Onna Way to the Paper (ft Yhung T.O. )
💤😴20. High off Me (ft YUNG BANS)
👎22. Different flavors
💤23. Mr. Clean
👎24. Tiffany Magnolia
👎25. Mr. OT (this song will probably get you a indictment)
🆗26. No Disrespect
🌊27. Never Bend (Remix) (ft Lil Uzi Vert)

Goddamn this shit is long as fuck. Off rip I’ma say Greedo raps like his tounge is to big for his mouth. This album could of been a solid 12-13 song project instead of a 27 song snooze fest some of the songs feel as though they are dragging on forever and I literally fell asleep during tracks 19 and 20. This ain’t it dog try again.

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