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Wednesday – Headnodic

Wednesday – Headnodic

Wednesday – Headnodic

🌊1. Good old good good ( THEM HORNS THO)
🌊2. Welcome
🌊3. Vinyassa 
🌊4. Bourbon stance
🌊5. Sucanat
🌊6. Levitate
🌊7. Mug up
🌊8. Silent mood
🌊9. Sunhundred
🌊10. Bubbas grove
🌊11. King krokasak
🔥12. Clockwerk ( bird sample tho)
🚒13. Something Pt. 4 ( feat. Raashan Ahmad)
🌊14. Signing off

Project is a great time. Pure vibes. Fire instrumentals. It can just be left on to vibe straight though. Heavy jazz, piano bar vibes. Definitely needs to be appreciated for the music composition alone.

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