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86’d – Rum Nitty

86’d – Rum Nitty
86’d – Rum Nitty
👎1. Intro
🆗2. A1
👎3. Young and paid 
🚮4. Coke stroke
👍5. Out the gate
👎6. 4much ( feat. Dlocco & Geno)
🆗7. Lonely road ( beat is fire )
👍8. Tropicana ( feat. Supersick)
😂9. Thotty dodi
🆗10. Loyalty ( feat. Alexis)
👍11. 24/7 (feat. Kass)
🤷🏽‍♂️12. Level up
💤13. Now I’m ready
🆗14. Bodied
💤15. Up the river

This was a hard listen. Again we have a top tier battle rapper trying to dabble outside his realm and it just didn’t work. It’s a grown man talking about the same shit all these new age kids are talking about these days. Production was ok. But everything else is weaker then a soft nigga after leg day.

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