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Hero – Tre Capital

Hero – Tre Capital

Hero – Tre Capital

🌊1. West coast Savior Pt. 1&2
🔥2. Blue eyes White Dragon Flow
🆗3. Reach the sky 
👎4. From within f. 🚛 Anthony Kilhoffer)
🌊5. Been through it
👍6. Love
🚮7. Make way
👎8. Virtue
💤9. Give it all f. Mathaius Young
🚮10. Heat check (by this point no matter what you did it was over for you.)

Example of this project: When you microwave a burrito and you only touch the surface to check if it’s hot enough and you think it’s ok….. But when you bite into it, it’s ice cold and it pisses you off. Don’t get me wrong there is some promise in there. But definitely should have hit the add :30 seconds button and then released this. Just remember no one likes a cold burrito next time you release something again.
🌬️🌯/ 10

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